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Celebrate Birthday with UKFA Football Club in Hong Kong, Tseun Kwan O, Lohas Park


Where (the location) is up to you....

  • If you would like us to secure a venue like the FTC, then please give us as much notice as possible & we can enquire about availability. If we secure a venue, the hiring charge will be added to your bill.

  • If you have a venue in mind that you can secure please let us know about it and we'll let you know if it's suitable.

  • We can do parties at various venues - football pitches, gardens (if you have one), parks, clubhouses etc


When (the time) will need to be agreeable....

  • Most people will want parties at the weekend, and we will try to be as flexible as possible. 

  • Saturdays are a very busy day for us, with training and matches, so this may not always be possible.

  • Sundays are perfect....this is a non coaching day for us, so we are free to run birthday parties year round.

  • The best thing you can do is reach out with as much notice as possible


Celebrate Birthday with UKFA Football Club in Hong Kong, Tseun Kwan O, Lohas Park


There is a variety of things we can do

  • If you have a group of keen football players we can run tournament / matches. We can organise & referee these. 

  • If your kids want a mixture fun games & matches that's ok

  • If you have first time players we can do some fun games and help them with some skills.

  • If you want the kids to receive things like a medal as part of a party bag, we can supply these

Things we cannot do

  • We cannot provide any food/drink (catering). This will be your responsibility. 

  • We ask that while we are coaching kids don't eat...a full stomach / a mouth full of food and running around don't mix well. We can get them hungry and tired, then they can sit down and eat together.

Celebrate Birthday with UKFA Football Club in Hong Kong, Tseun Kwan O, Lohas Park



This is depends on a lot of variables like how many kids will be coming, how long you want the party to be (1hr, 90 mins)

As part of the planning process you'll need to let us know the following and then we can send you a quote:

1. Date & Time

2. Location

3. How many kids

4. Ages of the kids (age range is ok)

5. How long you would like our services

6. Any additional items like UKFA medals

An example of costs....

1 UKFA Coach (8-14 kids) = $2,500

2 UKFA Coaches (for 15-30 kids) = $4,200


You will need to pay the 100% cost 7 days prior to the party at the latest.


  1. If we (UKFA) need to cancel, the full 100% payment will be refunded to you within 24 hours, plus an extra 25% of the total as our way of saying sorry. 

  2. If the party is cancelled due to bad weather / venue closing, this isn't anyones fault In this situation we can hold the payment and you can rebook us for a different day and that payment will be used as credit. 

  3. If you cancel the party once payment has been made this is non refundable.

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